Decency is a choice – Diana Hamilton

Celebrated  gospel musician, Diana Hamilton has shared the importance of being decent especially as a gospel musician.

She believes that as Christians, we can do all things through Christ and everyone has the free will to choose whatever it is that suits them.

Talking to Doctar Cann on Happy 98.9FM’s Showbiz Xtra she noted, “Everyone has their taste just like they say, opinions are like noses. Some people are against butter and some also use a lot of it for their bread so I choose to cover up because there is decency and class in covering up. And I will always keep doing that.”

She emphasized that, the appearance of musicians, especially gospel acts matter because how they are dressed determines the reception they receive.

Citing an example she said, “There are places you can sing and others where you can’t sing depending on what you’re wearing. I once went to minister at an event and although my dress was ankle length, I had slit the side up to my knee and whilst I was singing I realized the audience were not reacting to the ministration as they ordinarily would. So I got of the stage and when I was headed home one person approached me and told me the spirit in the room was dull because I had split the side of my perfectly long dress to reveal my legs.”

The appearances of gospel musicians, especially female ones have come under question one too many times. Some Ghanaians believe how they dress do not portray and depict the messages they send across with their music. A section of the public also believe their music videos have become too flashy and about them (musicians) when it should be about Christ.

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