Delta Force’s arrest of DCOP Opare-Addo makes Ghana a lawless state – Adu Asare

Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Adentan Constituency, Mr Kojo Adu Asare says the recent arrest of the Ashanti Regional security coordinator by the pro NPP vigilante group Delta Force is a clear indication that the country’s security is weak.

The NDC Director of Special Duties believe the impunity with which the party thugs behave is problematic and urged for the perpetrators hiding behind the security to treat citizenry unfairly to be brought to book.

” The recent incidents of attacks on citizens, security capos and Journalists in the country is disturbing.The Security operatives that ought to be disciplined has lost the moral fabric to act professionally” Adu Asare said on Morning Update.

He said, there’s a lot of security breaches in the country and this has paved way for some NPP hoodlums to act recklessly under the guise of National Security operatives.

He further stated that, the integrity of the National Security is something that must be quickly tackled for peace and tranquility to prevail.

“Party hoodlums have the effrontery to sneak into the house of a Rtd DCOP, handcuff him at gun point, this is clear that the country’s security is in total Limbo,”he bemoaned.

According to him, the National Security, by law, is not supposed to own an operational unit with operatives deployed to conduct arrest which he said was a duty traditionally undertaken by the Ghana Police Service.

“How dare you to besiege a DCOP’s house to handcuff him at gun point.The rule of law in this country is not working so some people have taken things for granted and act with impunity,” he added

He further said, the failure of this current government to disband party vigilantes has given birth to this rise of atrocities and lawlessness in the country.

“The training of party vigilantes in 2017 graduated to the incidents of killings of innocent souls during 2020 general elections and the unlawful arrest of DCOP Opare Addo Ayensu (rtd) is a clear indication of insensitivity on the part of the government.


Source: Ghana|


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