Disqualify ‘unpatriotic’ Ofori-Atta – ASEPA petitions NDC caucus ahead of vetting

Former Finance Minister and the president’s nominee for the same office, Ken Ofori-Atta will face fierce opposition at the Appointments Commitee in Parliament on the day he will be vetted.

This is because some groups, including a think tank, the Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) have levelled series of allegations against him that they say do not qualify him to serve the country in that capacity again.

The Executive Secretary of ASEPA, Mensah Thompson says one of the issues that seems to be an albatross on Ofori-Atta’s neck is misusing state funds to the detriment of the “suffering Ghanaian.”

” Ken Ofori-Atta will never be the Finance Minister of this country,” Thompson told Dwaboase host on Power FM Friday as he explained that he had lobbied the NDC members of the Committee to disqualify Ofori-Atta.

He said he had furnished the group with the necessary documents of misusing state funds, the “unjustifiable collapse of several bank” that he said does not permit him to occupy a public office.

He said an audited statement from the Auditor-General’s Department imdicted Ofori-Atta of opening some accounts that were never gazetted as the laws state.

“This report from the Auditor-General’s Department is available and these are verifiable facts that prohibits him [Ofori-Atta] to be a Finance Minister,” Thompson said.

He also  hinted that former Special Prosecutor may testify on the committee against Ofori-Atta on a the famous Agyapa deal which was kicked against the then minority in Parliament following the corruption that crept into the royalties agreement.

Thompson said Mr Martin Amidu, who conducted a corruption risk assessment into the Agyapa deal, idicated in his report that tyhe agreement had corruption tendencies and that, Ofori-Atta whom the Special Prosecutor alleged as having visited his home to compromise him, is not a patriotic citizen who should be allowed to manage the country’s resources.


Source: Ghana|


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