DJs play what people want so let’s step up the game – Hammer tells musicians

Founder and CEO of The Last Two Music Group Hammer, has called on musicians, songwriters and producers to up their game by churning out great music in 2022 and beyond.

In an interview he stated that, some artistes have blamed DJs for not playing their music. Rather, they give prominence to Nigerian music or Amapiano.

But, Hammer believes, the DJs only play the best music to boost the crowds at the respective events they host.

Thus, they cannot be blamed if Ghanaian songs don’t make it on their list or the audience groove to music from other parts of the continent

Hammer said “we keep on putting them (DJs) on the spot that they are not playing enough of our music or they are playing Amapiano or Nigerian music. They are playing the best that is in demand.”

The renowned producer urged musicians to up their game and make great music for fans to enjoy. He added that this will ensure DJs play their music to entertain the crowd they have been billed to play for.

“So we have to step up our game. We can’t hold the DJs to ransom, they have to move the crowd,” he noted.


To ensure the quality of Ghanaian music improves, Hammer announced that he has decided to sign young music producers on to his label.

This move will see some producers get trained and managed by Hammer and his team. He will also educate them on packaging and promoting themselves properly.

He added that he will also facilitate collaborations between the producers and big artistes.

Hammer said there will be a team to ensure that the producers signed to his label are duly recognised and paid for their works.


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