Do not treat patients as a piece of fabric – Diana Hamilton to nurses

Ghanaian gospel musician Diana Hamilton, has shared her thoughts on the unfair treatment nurses give to patients at the hospital.

According to the “Adom” hitmaker, nurses assume they have met and worked with lots of people so they tend to treat patients in a rude manner, like how a seamstress will mishandle materials.

“a seamstress who has sew lots of outfits for people therefore sees any new cloth as one of the many she’s worked on, that’s exactly how a nurse who forget themselves behave”, she said.

Speaking to Margaret Ansei on Women On The Front line on TVXYZ she advised that, nurses should treat patients different form how a seamstress will treat a fabric.

“It a conscious effort that one must be willing to do in order not to see a human being as a piece of fabric , as repairing a spoilt shoe where it is required to hit it hard with an object …is a mistake nurses should be aware of…when patients remove their hospital gowns, we then realise  that is a gentleman, someone’s father or mother and even better, a rich person”, she added.



By Afia Owusu/|Ghana



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