Don’t get married because you are in love – Counselor warns

Counselor and social advocate Pastor Daniel Annan has warned that, one shouldn’t get married because they are in love.

According to him people should rather get married because they trust each other.

“I say you shouldn’t marry out of love because sometimes the person you claim to love sooner or later they becomes your enemy”, he said

In an interview on “TontonSanSan” show on TV XYZ, the pastor revealed that the only benefit one can get from being in love is romance and sex and nothing else.

“If someone says they love you take sex and romance out of it what will remain ? If a man says I love you take out sex and romance and check out what’s left,  we call something love, erroneous , that is friendship out of love like husband and wife“, he added.

He further advised that it’s best to love with your head instead of heart because that will teach you to marry someone you can trust.

“There’s just a thin line between love and hate so what you have to do it to love with mind … The mind and sense teaches you to marry someone you can trust … I value trust than love”

Watch video below;


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana




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