‘Don’t marry a man or woman because they are Christians’ – Rev. Eastwood Anaba advises

Founder of Eastwood Anaba  Ministries, Reverend Eastwood Anaba, has advised Christian youths against choosing a life partner because they are Christians.

According to Mr Anaba, choosing a husband or a wife because they are Christians is very wrong.

He explained that being a Christian is not the same as being a good spouse.

“You cannot marry a man or a woman because they are Christians. So you ask a Christian woman, why do you want to marry him, and she says, it is because he loves the Lord. You ask a man and he says, I want to marry the woman because she loves God and she is serious in church. The truth is that a husband is not the same as a Christian. He may love the Lord but does not love you,” Rev.Eastwood Anaba explained in his surmon.

The famous televangelist added that marrying a person based on religion alone is not enough to ensure a good marriage and sustain a marriage.

He said, “Oh, why do you want to marry him? We go to the same church. Are you sure it is enough for a good marriage? Why do you want to marry her? Ooh, she fears the Lord. Can you imagine that?”

A good marriage, according to Reverend Anaba, thrives on trust, open communication, companionship, and resources; as such, prospective spouses should look for these qualities before deciding to get hitched.

Source: Ghanaweb

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