Dormaa: Garages Association call on Gov’t to fix bad roads

The Association of Garages at Dormaa Ahenkro in the Bono Region is calling on the government to come to their aid and improve the access to motorable roads in the area.

The group says the roads to their workplaces are very bad and unmotorable.

In an interview with some of the members of the association, they registered their displeasure on the deplorable state of their roads.

According to them, the potholes on their roads could be described as manholes and therefore need government urgent intervention.

This worrying situation of the bad road network has affected their operations as it becomes extremely exhausting commuting from their places of residence to their workplaces.

A member of the association recounted with worry how successive governments and politicians in the area have promised them of good road network and yet nothing is done when they are finally at the helm of affairs.

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“ what’s going on in this magazine is beyond our comprehension. As at the time they relocated us to this magazine, the roads were in a very deplorable state and that has been the situation since. Every election year,  our politicians make promises that our road will be fixed when they win. They forget about the promises when they are in power. It becomes very difficult to move when it rains. We are pleading with the MCE and the MP to come to our aid. Our condition is not good at all”, he lamented.

Members of the association made it clear that the Dormaa Municipal Assembly has been collecting taxes from them and they are expecting them to come to their aid.

According to them, they are not seeing the results of their taxes and that alone is very worrying.

“We have been here for a very long time. We have been drowning in this mud for many years anytime it rains. The assembly always comes here to tax us. There is always no motivation to pay these taxes because the roads are not good. We are begging them to come and fix our roads”, he stated in a mode of despair.

In an interview with the Municipal Chief Executive for Dormaa Central , Mr Drissa  Ouatara admitted that he is aware of the poor nature of their roads and the dark nature of the streets at night due to poor lighting.

He revealed that pragmatic efforts will be made to address the situation off pronto. According to him, this is an issue of concern because he also services his car at that same workshop (magazine) of the aggrieved workers and will do everything within his means to see to it that they have good roads.

“The people at the magazine deserve good roads because we all service our cars there. I am aware of the deplorable state of their roads and the dark nature of the road leading to the magazine at night. We have already built a toilet facility for them and provided them with water. In the interim, we will fix street lights on the road leading to the magazine. As for the road leading to the magazine, it is so dear to my heart. I am still in talks with the authorities. In due time the roads will be fixed,” he said.

The MCE concluded that he is assuring the workers at the magazine that the roads will be fixed so they should not be in a mood of despair.


By Effah Elvis||Ghana

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