The Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service has bemoaned the spate of road carnage that keep killing and injuring thousands annually.

The MTTD has stated that besides the enforcement of road regulations, there are some basic responsibilities that need to be addressed to reduce the the number of crashes on the country’s highways.

Speaking on the Morning Xpress after the death of about twenty-seven (27) passengers in three (3) separate road accidents during the weekend, the Head of Education, Research and Training at the MTTD, DSP Mr Alexander Obeng observed the carnage could be reduced if drivers adhere to safety precautions and engage in responsible driving.

He mentioned the refusal of drivers to regularly maintain their vehicles, the rush to reach destinations to maximize sales through “excessive speeding [and] unlawful overtaking” as the basic known causes of motor accidents.

“…And we ask ourselves is it that they are not aware? Is it that when we admonish them they are intolerant?” he quizzed while lamenting the neglect of safety precautions on the part of commercial drivers.

6 Perish Each Day

According to DSP Obeng, statistics from their outfit show an average of six (6) persons die through road accidents everyday since the beginning of 2018.

He said if drivers drive with caution on highways and avoid excessive speeding and overtaking, the alarming numbers could reduce and the roads will be safer for Ghanaians.

“We can’t have any prevention than what research has shown in Ghana that if 100 crashes occur, about 52 are as a result of excessive speeding and out of this too, you realise that about 70% is as a result of unlawful overtaking,” he told Neil-Armstrong Mortagbe.

He continued: “If 592 Ghanaians have been killed within three months from 1st January to 31st March this year, and over 3,300 have been injured, then obviously if history is anything to go by, it must be more (than the fact that 6 persons lose their lives to road carnage daily).”

When asked the measures to help reduce the gory crashes, DSP Obeng said “what should we tell Ghanaians again?”

He however reiterated the MTTD’s commitment to educate drivers and continue to punish lawbreakers to deter others.

Meanwhile, the Driver, Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) says the difficulty in curbing road accidents has called for a review of the licensing regime.

Deputy Director in charge of Driver, Training, Testing and Licensing at the DVLA, Kafui Semevor who spoke on the Morning Xpress said a lot has been going on to educate drivers to be responsible when driving.

He said training on attitudinal change for drivers is ongoing to get drivers change the old ways of driving to save lives.


Source: Ghana/ Xpress

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