E.L explains why he asked the media to stop playing his old tunes; apologizes

Ghanaian rapper, E.L has apologised for asking the media to stop playing his old tunes.

According to E.L, he misspoke, and people did not understand his reasoning for asking for the media to stop playing his old tunes.

Speaking to Andy Dosty in a new interview, E.L said;

“It was said in the heat of passion, and when tempers arise, passion get inflamed, you say somethings…I misspoke concerning that. But the point I was trying to make at that time was that sometimes artists, we evolve, we grow. And you want people to really try and understand who you’ve become, what you’ve become, and also love you for what you’ve grown into.

“So when that focus is not given or when that attention is not given to you it gets frustrating because people are looking for the old you but there’s no more old you because you have grown into a new person. So what I was trying to say was that let’s try and grow together because the old songs let them be the old songs,” he explained.

Further explaining what led to his decision, the “Kaabuame” hitmaker said;

“It happened because I went on this radio interview and the lady who was interviewing me kept on mentioning the old music when I was trying to promote new music. So that’s what frustrated me and I came out and said you know what, don’t play the old songs again, focus on the new music… So I definitely apologize if it was taken the wrong way, that’s not my intention,” he explained.

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