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EC creates another voters register 7 days to elections

The Electoral Commission (EC) notes that it has made provision to vote on Election Day for registered Ghanaians whose names are not on the electoral roll.

Outside the registry of certified voters, which has more than 17 million voters, 830 individuals who have registered successfully do not find their names on the register.
Such individuals have been marked on a missing list of names and are distributed across 338,622 polling stations.

However, they will be permitted to vote using manual verification.

Of the 830 people, 542 were removed from the register unintentionally.

According to the Commission, the anomaly was detected after a detailed registry examination, which reconciled the end-of-day registration reports with the statistics found in the register.

The end-of-day report includes the actual number of registered voters by the close of of day of registration.

Also, 233 registered voters who were initially placed at the wrong polling stations are on the missing names list.

The list also includes 55 people who were put under the exceptions list following the audit but have successfully contested their position at the High Court.

Commission Chair Jean Mensa said earlier that the issue of missing names was mostly due to accidental human and administrative mistakes.

There were concerns from some registered persons that during the voter registration exercise, they could not find their names on the registry.

The majority of the complaints came from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), but their concerns were described as unfounded by the EC.

NDC reported that it had extensive documentation to support allegations that the EC purposely removed from the register the names of registered voters, but never published the alleged evidence.

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