EC relying on proposed electoral reforms to rig 2024 elections – Afriyie Ankrah

The Director of elections for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has kicked against the reform proposals by the Jean Mensah led Electoral Commission, saying it is a calculated attempt to rig the  2024 elections in favour of the NPP.

Contributing to the conversation on the  EC’s electoral reforms on Morning Update on TV XYZ, the former Sports Minister pointed to a lot of loop holes in the ECs proposals and argued there is no need to change the time of closure of polls from 5pm to 3pm because the time for the closure of polls at 5pm possesses no danger to electorates since  the beginning of the Fourth Republic in 1992.

Mr Ankrah stated that the change of time for closing polls ahead of the 2024 elections will fuel tension and confusion in the country owing to the fact that the EC often fail to send electoral materials to voting centres on time on election day.

Jean Mensa, EC Boss

He also observed the duration of polls, when changed as suggested by the EC, will prevent many voters from casting their ballot in the supposed strongholds of the NDC as well as disenfranchising voters living in hard to reach areas across the country.

“On the Voting day most villagers go to farm for food stuffs for their survival before coming back to vote   so how can such proposed time favour them?” he asked

“We were in this country where the EC came out to say, the elections will be declared within 24hours but the world witnessed what transpired in the declaration of ECs error infested results,” he added as pointing to the numerous mistakes the EC made in the publication of the presidential results.


By Odoom Lawrence|

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