EC wrong to withhold names of 30,000 deleted persons – Political Analyst

Political Analyst, Dr. Kwasi Amakye-Boateng, has condemned the Electoral Commission (EC) for refusing to publish the names of some 30,000 persons deleted from the voter register ahead of the December 7 election.

“The EC is taking a lot of things for granted. They know they had the exhibition exercise to address these things. But if you’re done with the exhibition exercise and you’re doing your work, then, this decision is bad. How can u say you’re releasing the names of these people barred from voting on election day?” he queried in an interview on Happy FM morning show.

“These names should be published as soon as possible. The 30,000 people affected have the right to know their names,” he added.

He voiced out his surprise at the EC’s handling of the situation as he believes they should know better. “I am really surprised the EC is taking things for granted”.

According to him, the commissioners of the EC are knowledgeable on the rules guiding such things and know that the names must be published. “The deputy EC boss, Dr. Bossman Asare knows a lot about Political Science. Even if he has not practiced it, he must know that theoretically, withholding the names till election day is a bad decision”.

“Jean Mensa is also a lawyer and should not allow such a decision to hold”, he added.

He concluded that: “They have to know their names and challenge the EC to put them back on the voter roll. They have the right to that”.

The Electoral Commission (EC) has deleted some 30,000 names from the voter’s register.

The affected persons are said to have engaged in multiple registrations or were challenged and not cleared by the various district review committees.

They have therefore been barred from taking part in the December 7 Elections and have further been barred from registering as voters for a period of time.

The EC further indicated that the list of affected persons would be provided at the various polling stations to prevent them from voting on December 7.


Source: Ghana|ETV

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