Ecole Ronsard School Celebrates Mothers

Encole Ronsard, a bilingual school situated in Accra, Celebrated mothers and potential mothers for their unflinching love.

The discussion was underpined by the fact that Mothers’ Day is not a gender debate. It was emphasized that a mother’s job is one of the tedium ones and really does deserve all the accolades.

Few days ago, Ecole Ronsard had held ‘Ronsard Talks’,  an event reputable and eminent personalities are invited to discuss an exhaustive list of topics spanning from agriculture to technology.

But on Sunday, the Ronsard Talk was centered on mothers, with an aim to celebrate them, and to give them the enabling environment to share their experiences in child upbringing.

Under the theme: “The Dynamics of motherhood” the discusssion was to reflect on the unique journeys of mothers, share their joy and their challenges and most significantly to encourage one another to keep going and keep the good pace of motherhood.

Four women whose wards attend Ronsard were honoured to contribute immensely during the round table discussion.

They are: Mrs. Elom Anang, a Corporate Relationship Manager at Fidelity Bank; Dr. Nana Ama Asante Poku; a Lecturer and a Research Fellow at ISSER, University of Ghana and Mrs. Dzidzor Arkutu, the CEO of Battop Energy who also doubles as the Lead Beauty Therapist of Float Wellness Spa. Ms. Nina Afari, Head of Nursery at Ecole Ronsard and a mother to a 16-year-old girl hosted the thrilling and passionate life changing discussion.

Another parent, Mrs. Arkutu who combines motherhood with entrepreneurship also shared her personal experiences on how the body changes during pregnancy that sometimes lead to low self-esteem in women.

She urged all mothers to engage in wellness therapy and other healthy activities to improve their confidence, especially during pregnancy.

She also highlighted the dangers of using social media as yard stick to grade yourself as mother. She explained that social media often causes women to succumb to undue pressure. Her advice was to stay true to truth and stay true to their journey by counting their blessings.

Mrs. Anang  implored mothers to endeavor to balance their daily activities to make more time for their families. She stressed on time management as a tool to ensuring that the most important things get done on time.

She also advised young mothers to build their future goals at a gradual pace. Though she advocated that getting help was necessary when caring for a child, she admonished mothers to ensure that their voice in their child’s life is not substituted by other voices.



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