Elected Candidate With National Appeal –Spio Garbrah Tells NDC


Former Trade Minister, Dr Ekow Spio Garbrah is urging NDC delegates to elect a flagbearer who has a national appeal to help the party recapture power.

Dr Spio Garbrah who officially launched his campaign yesterday said NDC among other things is losing its traditional grassroots base and among ordinary Ghanaians because the party leadership over the years failed to touch base with them.

He said his proposed ‘Forward Agenda’ (FA) would help to rebrand and repackage the party to wipe-off the smear campaign against it and recapture power in the 2020 elections.

“In the various choices we need to make as a Party in opposition which needs to find its way back to power, the FA mission is not for the NDC to retreat into the dark, decrepit and depressive defeat of the past, but for NDC members to look forward with hope and expectancy towards the bright lights of our revival, regeneration, restoration, restitution and successes of our future.”………..he said.

Commenting on the results of the Party’s recent branch, constituency and regional executive elections, he noted that it showed that there was a high demand for change, adding the demand for change by grassroots members of the previous had led to the removal of most executives whose conduct might have contributed to the Party’s abysmal 2016 presidential elections.

So far, some 75-85 per cent of all previous executives have been replaced at all levels, for an average replacement rate of 80 per cent. This change was particularly evident in the fact that of the 10 2016 Regional Chairmen who signed a statement last year in favour of one candidate, only two survived the Tsunami.

“At the Party Headquarters, more than 80 per cent of all the Functional Executive Committee members are having to seek a new position within the Secretariat in order to stand a chance of re-election, or else are not standing at all for re-election. This huge demand for new leaders in the Party will soon be evident in the election of national Party executives as well as in the choice of a flag bearer”, he said.

Dr  Ekwow Spio-Garbrah further noted that the much acclaimed mantra ‘3y3 zu, 3y3 za’ adopted over the years by the party may have outlived its impact on Ghanaian voters. “… I tell them that the 3y3 zu 3y3 za I don’t know what it means, when I ask them what it means, most people don’t know what it means…” he stated.

The flagbearer hopeful also noted that another slogan used by the party ‘ehey dzorbodor’ to wit, things are cool’ does not project the right plight of the members since things are not rosy in the system at the moment.

“You’re in opposition and you’re saying ‘ehey dzorbodor’, do you know what it means; and they’re saying it all over the country, meaning things are cool. In the meantime you’re hot, you’re struggling so ‘ehey dzorko’ at all, in fact ‘nnibee me ewa waa dienkye” – meaning things are really hard,” he said.

He called for rebranding of the party and as he put it ….“When I say Akufo-Addo you say one term, when I say NDC, you say we’re coming back”

Dr Spio Garbrah is a former Ambassador to the US. He made a failed attempt in 2006 to lead the party.

He  is optimistic and says he stands tall because of his  impeccable credentials and track record.

He said a Spio Garbrah as NDC’s candidate, will build an innovative, constructive and decisive leadership that would foremost ensure that Ghanaians are lifted out of poverty and can compete with the best and brightest in the world.

Former Chief of Defence Staff, Brigadier Nunoo Mensah was present at Spio-Garbrah’s official campaign launch to support the latter.

Meanwhile former President Mahama is taking his campaign tour to the Brong Ahafo region tomorrow and he will be there till Monday October 23rd.

On Monday, another Presidential hopeful, Alban Bagbin outdoored a former MP and former Information Minister, Fritz Baffoe as his campaign coordinator.

Goosie Tandoh, one of the well respected NDC foot soldiers is in the Volta region.