Election 2020 Petition: Supreme Court made errors in its ruling – Tsatsu Tsikata

Legal luminary Tsatsu Tsikata who was the lead counsel for former President John Dramani Mahama in the 2020 presidential election petition has said the Supreme Court made errors in its decision on the case.

According to him, the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to dismiss the petition of the presidential candidate of the  National Democratic Congress (NDC) 2020 that challenged the validity of the 2020 presidential results was not the best.

Tsikata in an interview monitored by maintained that the Apex court’s judgement was an error.

“I come to a clear determination that there were clear errors made in the decisions and I make no bones about saying so and respectfully explaining why I say so in a manner I think I have illustrated in this discussion, not out of disrespect for the Judges or trying to make fun of them, no, it is out of the importance of their role and importance of the fidelity to the Constitution and to the law”

Mr Tsikata said the 2012 election Petition ruling was entirely different from the 2020 election Petition verdict because in 2012 all the Judges who sat on the case gave an independent ruling but added that did not happen in 2020.

“Each of the Judges had a chance to articulate the reason and to explain their point of view from a legal authority standpoint. In this last petition, I think we all saw virtually in all the decisions, the Chief Justice will write an opinion and everybody onboard” he added

He said such a move is a dangerous precedence.



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