‘Enough of the exploitation of our youth’ – Zongo Democrats fume

Pressure group, Zongo Democrats has bemoaned the slow pace of development in Muslim communities that has led to political elites capitalising on that to exploit Muslim youth.

Addressing a press conference in Accra, the group decried what it described as deliberate neglect of Zongo communities which is facilitating the exploitation of the youth.

It observed with disappointment the recent Ejura Killings and powerful persons faking concern after taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of those they incited against Ibrahim Mohammed aka Kaaka and the subsequent killing of two by soldiers.

Convener of Zongo Democrats, Shaikh Mubarak Hussein, who sounded bitter and frustrated said the killing of Muslims and Zongo dwellers is becoming too many with no action yet to punish those involved.

He cited victims of December 2020 Techiman South killings most of who are Zongo youth, the July 2018 Manso Nkwanta shooting incident in which the Police in Ashanti gunned down 5 innocent young men they mistook for armed robbers, the virtually abandoned Ahmed Suale’s assassination case, one of the most sensitive incidents which till date has been reduced to mere lip service pledges to find the assailants among others.

“On the 16th of July, 2019, a seasoned journalist Ahmed Hussein Suale was gunned down by unknown Assailants after his pictures were flaunted on a Television station, calling on the public to harm him should they find him. Again, because he was a Muslim and a Zongo boy, the security agencies under this government have turned a blind eye on his matter, and the perpetrators of such a heinous crime have not been brought to book till date”, Shaikh Mubarak fumed.

Convener of the Zong Democrats group said in view of the trend of events, they cannot rule out suspicion that such predetermined murders are motivated by a grand agenda to oppress Muslims and Zongo dwellers.

“In the recent incidence of high level irresponsibility and lack of professionalism demonstrated by the state security agencies, they stand indicted and their attitude perfectly fits in the suspicion that, religious vindictiveness against Muslims and the covert agenda to oppress the voiceless and vulnerable Zongo dwellers are orchestrations of the state institutions and their Sponsors. Our claim of obnoxious agenda of the state can be corroborated by preceeding events which claimed the lives of our Muslim brothers as follows”, Shaikh Mubarak emphasized.

He was particularly disappointed that this is happening at a time Ghana has a Muslim Vice President, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia who should be championing their course.

Shaikh Mubarak Hussein served notice; they may be compelled to stage series of demonstration to demand more impactful development initiatives in the Zongo communities and the abuse.

“We shall continue to hold them accountable for the murder of our innocent Zongo brothers and sisters until justice is served to their departed souls.

The group further stressed “We finally wish to call on his Excellency Alhaji Mahmudu Bawumia as the Muslim representative in the high office of the President and the chairman of the Police service council to call out the actions of the security agencies, prosecute the perpetrators and demonstrate to his government that indeed, Muslims lives matter, Zongo lives matter and the lives of all vulnerable and voiceless Ghanaians truly matter”



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