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FDA recalls Nestle Ghana’s coagulated milk products

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has commenced recalling some batches of Nestle Ghana’s evaporated milk from the Ghanaian market following complaints from customers.

Last month, some Ghanaians took to social media to complain about how their Ideal milk produced by Nestle Ghana had coagulated.

After weeks of complaint, the FDA which is a regulator of the product revealed that it had undertaken a comprehensive regulator action to ascertain why customers’ milk were coagulated despite not being harmful to humans.

The statement signed by the Chief ExecutiveOfficer of FDA, Delese A.A Darko, explained that their investigations and analysis indicate that the coagulated milk customers complained of has “no food safety issues.”

After its analysis of the denatured milk, FDA said the “Denatured protein, however, poses no health risk.”

“The analysis also confirmed that there was no leaching of dangerous chemicals from the inner (lacquer) lining into the milk product,” parts of the statement read.

Below is the full statement of FDA

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