#FixTheCountry campaign: David Agbee warns Akufo-Addo

Executive Director of the Ghana Institute of Governance and Security, David Agbee has said the government’s inability to address pressing issues confronting the #FixTheCountry protesters who are demanding accountability can plunge the country into chaos.

The group, that began a strong social media campaign – #FixTheCountry on twitter and Facebook over the weekend, had written to the police for protection for their demonstration slated for Sunday, May 9, 2021 but the police said it could not shepherd them.

Mr Agbee believes the turn of events after the 2020 elections has pushed the citizenry to call on the country’s leadership whose duty is to fix the challenges confronting the people to act in order to find lasting solutions to the problems.

Corroborating the many challenges in the various sectors of the economy such as unemployment among the youth, lack of better roads, inadequate health facilities, and soaring fuel prices and the  impsoition of more taxes on Ghanaians in the wake of the  COVID-19 pandemic, the security expert observed that majority of Ghanaians are already boiling within.

Some Ghanaians have lamented the government’s proposed new taxes on petroleum products, 1% COVID-19 Health Levy on VAT Flat Rate Scheme and 1% on the National Health Insurance Levy (NHIL) which are in full force is affecting their spending power.

It is to this end that Agbee says the government’s failure to address such pressing issues would have serious repercussions on the country’s security.

Speaking on Morning Update on TV XYZ, Agbee elucidated the rationale behind the tag #FixTheCountry and  stressed the inability of the government to provide decent jobs for the citizenry will culminate into some of the ugly incidents that occurred at Kasoa, where criminal activities are on the rise due to untold hardship among the youth.

” A country where government has borrowed over 170 billion and can’t point to a any tangible thing like hospital, schools or good roads will surely anger the people to seek accountability,” he lamented.

He went on to say, “In 1995 now the president of this country Nana Addo staged a serious demonstration dubbed ‘Kumepreko’ concerning the hardships in the country which led to the unfortunate demise of 5 people so the citizenry who have entrusted and given the mandate to the this current government needs their economic demands met without rancor thus the country is pregnant with so many economic injuries.”

Mr Agbee further cautioned the government to provide an enabling environment for the economic demands of the citizenry and allow them freely express their discontent, adding the demands when not touched on can plunge the country into chaos.

Police Stops Protest

Meanwhile, the Accra Police Command has secured a restraining order to prevent  the #FixTheCountry protesters from hitting the streets on Sunday.

The group, that began a strong social media campaign on twitter and Facebook over the weekend, and wrote to the police for protection for their demonstration but the police said it could not shepherd them.

A letter signed by 20 individuals of the group explained that the date was selected to capture the restless spirit of the over 126 Ghanaians who lost their lives some 20 years ago at the Accra Sports Stadium due to the “institutionalized incompetence and disregard for Ghanaian lives.”

Greater Accra Police PRO, DSP Effia Tenge,  indicated that the police wil not be able to grant the organisers of the protest their wish because the gathering goes against the ban on public gatherings currently in place as part of measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19.

“The police will not be able to provide the necessary security looking at the spread of Covid-19 and the kind of dangers that it poses to members of the public should they attend this demonstration,” Tenge told Joy News before heading to court.

Despite the detailed plan enumerated by the protestors in line with Covid-19 protocols, the police say “there is no way that we can be able to guarantee for a fact that such a large demonstrating public” will adhere to such a plan.



By Odoom Lawrence||Ghana

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