#FixTheCountry movement will anger the youth to rise against politicians – Ben Moshe

One of the conveners of  #FixTheCountry group, Avraham Ben Moshe has said the politicians in the country are not committed to tackling the challenges confronting the citizens until the youth rise against them.

Speaking on Tontonsansan on TV XYZ on the sidelines of a demonstration they staged in Sekondi Takoradi in the Western Region on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, Ben Moshe, a founder of the Commons Sense Family, a pressure group that joined the protest, assured that the group will reorient the Ghanaian youth to rise against the politicians of the country.

Members of #FixTheCountry are calling for better governance, job opportunities for the youth, and better health and education system in the country. The group also wants corrupt officials punished to serve as a deterrent to other budding politicians as well as secure the country’s roads and highways.

Moshe believes the country’s progress is being delayed unnecessarily by selfish politicians who are put in charge of managing key sectors of the economy, alleging that those in charge are rather working for their parochial interest.

He explained that Government appointees whose oversight responsibilities are to make sure the country’s highways are fixed and lit well to avert road carnage do not work thereby resulting in road accidents that kill many Ghanaians.

On health, Ben Moshe noted that abandoned health facilities and the lack of medical equipment in hospitals and clinics result in the death of many who could have been saved had the politicians been proactive.

“Politicians are murderers in disguise and that is why I am saying this: The dangerous roads are causing accidents. The roads are bad. Today when you are moving from Accra to Cape Coast, you spend about 6 hours. If the roads are dualized people won’t die on that stretch,” he said.

“Moshe continued, ” When the politicians do not fix the roads and health care system and you die, the politicians have killed you. They have killed you indirectly.”

Bemoaning the development today, Ben Moshe said the youth ought to be angry and fight the politicians who are in charge of manning the country.

“The youth are not angry enough,” he stated “we will put anger into the youth to rise up against the politicians of the country. When that happens they will do what we want for us.”

Ben Moshe also pledged to sustain the pressure on the government and hold talks with various youth groups to realise their rights and hold politicians to account.



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