Flood destroys documents at Lands Commission

Hundreds of documents, computers, and scanners at the Head Office of the Lands Commission in Accra have been destroyed by flood waters.

The basement of the new building of lands Commission headquarters was heavily submerged in water after Saturday night’s downpour, leading to the flooding of the records room, files room, and I.T. Unit – all situated at the basement.

Indentures, property maps, and land deeds are among the items affected, according to commission sources.

Essential land records have also been “mixed up” as a result of the flood’s damage, according to sources.

Some commission employees were seen searching through the documents in an attempt to rescue some and reorganise those that had become jumbled. A cleaning crew was also spotted scooping water from the basement.

The staff stated they arrived at work on Monday only to discover flood damage, and that they would be unable to work today as a result of the circumstance.

They blamed the flooding on the construction of new buildings near the main Head Office building, which they said had stopped water from flowing into neighboring drains.

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