Fmr Ridge Hospital Boss doubts Kumasi COVID-19 Delta Variant numbers

The Executive Director for African Centre for Health Policy Research and Analysis, Dr Thomas Anabah, seems to doubt the discovery of the Delta strain of the Covid-19 in Kumasi.

According to the former Director of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, the recent statement by the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) on the discovery of the Delta variant of Covid-19 since December raises more questions since its signs or signals did not have any impact on the population.

“For Kumasi to come out and tell us that they have recorded the Delta variant as far back as December, some of us will not understand it because that variant is very fast spreading. What happened to the figures in Kumasi after December? We didn’t see any terrible surge or what did they do with that client or that patient who had the Delta variant? Did they isolate him and did they notify the Ghana Health Service?”

Dr Anabah added that the ambiguity of information presented by two different bodies within the same institution does not augur well for communication.

This ambiguity, this answers and stories coming from the same institution with two different tails does not augur well for our communication. I think that the two bodies must sit down and reconcile their notes because one cannot tell us a one story.”

He has, therefore, urged the Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Health to mend their communication gap so that information passed to the general public will be taken seriously.



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