Forgive me John Mahama, I was appointed just to insult you and tag you as corrupt

Entertainment critic, musician, and actress who was also a major supporter of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo in 2016 have gone on her knees and begged John Dramani Mahama to find a way in his heart and forgive her today been his birthday.

Akua Blakofe spilled out many secrets on her Facebook wall after sending the message below to John Dramani Mahama Ghana’s former President.

Akua Blakofie said “Happy Birthday former President Mahama of Ghana. Enjoy your day. And forgive me personally for helping to bring Nana to power.”

This Post as usual was followed with many questions from her Fans. While others enquired Why she has been quiet but talking Few days to elections.

Akua explained that the majority of the actors and musicians were promised appointments Just on the basis that they tag John Dramani Mahama as corrupt and insult him.

She personally was part. And after succeeding she was given the position of Deputy CEO of the Tourism Development Authority.

But because her boss was not working but rather ‘traveling around the world for per Diem, she resigned in the interest of Ghana because she didn’t want to be part of corrupt and shady deals.

She begged John Dramani Mahama to forgive her sins. One man by the name of Johnson Takyi commented to dispute the claims of Akua Blakofe. He explained that Akua Blakofe wanted to become the Minister of Tourism and Creative Arts. But because of her little Educational background and knowledge in Basic public relations, she wasn’t considered.

So she was given a Deputy CEO appointment at the Tourism Development Authority. But this woman who was greedy and wanted to be a Minister at all cost for whatever reason resigned from her position as Deputy CEO of the Tourism Development Authority.

And that her resignation was based on the premise that Nana Addo didn’t give her a position as a Minister. So she is trying to dent the image of NPP and Nana Addo to perhaps have favor in the eyes of John Dramani Mahama in the unlikely event if he becomes President again.

He Urged all to ignore the lies of Blakofe because to him, she is an opportunist.

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