Former President Rawlings Struggling To Redeem Sinking Image

Former President Jerry John Rawlings is fighting back to redeem his sinking image following accusations by some June 4 Revolution actors that he has blood on his hands in relation to the execution of three High Court judges and several other poor civilians and targeted military officers buried in mass graves.

The revival of the search for the mystery behind the killings has been triggered by the “Who Killed the Judges?” documentary by multimedia.

But in another attempt to ward off the criticisms, JJ Rawlings described the recent catalogue of allegations against him as a calculated effort by certain vested interests who feel intimidated and threatened by his level of integrity.

He said at 71 he has held onto his integrity for so long, is proud of it, and it is too late for him to compromise on what has brought him this far.

Flt Lt Rawlings said the action is rather targeting the you and in his word, he said

 “I am not the one they are really after. You are the ones they are after. To break that tenacity, that belief in you,” he told a charged atmosphere at the Great Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi on Saturday.

JJ Rawlings who was delivering the keynote address at the 2018 KNUST SRC organized TEKTALK event, added:……….  “When you maintain the solidity of your position and refuse to compromise, they naturally have a problem because you may have become so influential.

The former President responded to allegations by a so-called former bodyguard of his, stating that he was not his bodyguard but the driver of one of the armoured tanks captured during the 31st December 1981 uprising.

“We won that battle that day, but he became overexcited, took a tank and drove into some people, so I distanced myself from him. After that he became prey to some of the dissident elements.”

He said it was unfortunate that he is brought onto television to spew so much untruth and dared people of his ilk to do a polygraph test, enforcing the charge of how far vested interests would go to protect an agenda.

Former President Rawlings also referred to another who hid in his girlfriend’s room on June 4 1979 but has subsequently been put out as a hero of the uprising for 37 years. He said our children are reading about some of these falsehoods in history books and the time had come for some of these people to be exposed through the lie-dictator test.

The leader of the June 4 uprising and the 31st December Revolution, said during the 3rd Republic he was caricatured as a weed smoking young man to the extent that by 31st December 1981 many young people had taken up weed smoking because their hero purportedly smoked weed.