GFL disappointed at National Tripartite Committee over hung minimum wage

The Ghana Federation of Labour (GFL), has expressed dismay at the introduction and increment in taxes despite the hassle Ghanaians are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Federation is equally unhappy with the numerous redundancies in the labour front as a result of the negative impact of COVID-19.

According to the GFL Secretary General , Abraham Koomson , they were surprised at the inability of the National Tripartite Committee to meet to determine the Minimum Wage prior to the presentation of the 2021 budget.

Government in its 2021 Budget Statement introduced the COVID-19 Health Levy, Financial Sector Clean up levy of five percent, Sanitation and Pollution levy as well as Gaming Tax.

It also increased NHIL and VAT Flat rate by one per cent and the ESLA which according to the Federation, will pose an additional burden on motorists and food prices.

Speaking to GBC-Obonu News in Tema, the Secretary General of the GFL, Abraham Koomson said the new and increased taxes are unwarranted as most Ghanaians and industries are reeling under what he termed the harsh economic situation.

He indicated that while globally, governments have taken measures to mitigate the devastating impact of the COVID-19 on industries and even individuals, Ghanaians are being asked to sacrifice their lives for the mismanagement of the economy.

He explained that there cannot be any justification for the taxes added that the increased NHIL will inure to increased cost of products which will be incurred by the consumer as manufacturers after production cost will add the additional NHIL tax which consumers are already struggling to come to terms with.

The GFL therefore raised concerns over the whereabouts of the stimulus grant from the International Monetary Fund and other funds raised by philanthropists.

The GFL is urging the government to seriously consider the current plight of the citizenry and devise suitable policies which will not over burden the people.


Source: Ghana|GBC

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