Ghana Could Plunge Into Chaos If…..Security Analyst Warns

Saani Adib, Security Analyst

A Security Analyst, Sanni Adib is urging politicians to show the right level of commitment to dealing with activities of vigilante groups, failure to which could plunge the country into chaos especially with the proliferation of weapons from other countries.

His comment is premised on near lynching of the MP for Tafo-Pankrono constituency in the Ashanti Region, Dr Anthony Akoto Osei, last Sunday.

Some irate members of the NPP vigilante group, Delta Force went on rampage over failed promises disrupting a meeting that was being addressed by the MP.

Dr Akoto Osei who is also the Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation was whisked away as the aggrieved NPP supporters smashed platic chairs and other properties to register their displeasure to the lawmaker.

Members of this group say they were employed to protect ballot boxes during the 2016 elections with full assurance of securing them jobs in the country’s security devices.

However, two years down the line, those promises are yet to be fulfilled reason for their actions.

Speaking on Radio XYZ’ morning show, “Ghana Te Sen” on Monday, Sanni Adib raised fears the trend of events most of which have gone unpunished and the signal coming from the main opposition party could plunge the country into chaos one day , until politicians show the right level of commitment to dealing with them.

“If care is not taken, with the massive proliferation of weapons mostly coming from the Sahel regions, it can land in the hands of these guys” he observed.



Story by: Charles Akrofi/