Ghana Medical Association threatens strike over new tax policy

The Ghana Medical Association is threatening to declare a nationwide strike if the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) does not rescind its decision to surcharge them as part of a new tax system being introduced.

President of the Association, Dr Frank serebuor has vowed to shut down hospitals in their strongest response to the policy if the Ghana Revenue Authority, does not shelve it.

The group believes it is unfair to ask them to pay other taxes since all members pay income taxes.
He also described the action as an act of desperation on the part of GRA to take monies from various groups.

“It is as if they are now looking at organisations and associations and so forth.”
“We won’t sit down to allow anybody, whether it is a government agency or the government itself, to collapse the association. That will not happen under my watch.”

This is the first time the GRA is asking them to pay such taxes since its inception in 1958.
Before people pay their dues, already they would have been taxed right from the source before even the dues come to us. We don’t collect the dues by ourselves, Dr. Frank Serebour said in an interview with Accra based Citi News.

…. “If anything at all, the first point was engagement. If something like that is going to happen, somebody should be engaging and not write that kind of letter.” He added

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