‘Ghana Police Service so compromised’ – Elikem Kotoko reacts to injunction on picketing

Private citizen, Elikem Kotoko has expressed disappointment in the Ghana Police Service and the Judicial Service for placing injunction on a planned picketing.

The youth activist had written to the police as notice of his intended picketing at the Presidency, Electoral Commission (EC) headquarters and Supreme Court from Wednesday, February 24, 2021to get the President to remove the EC Boss, Jean Mensa, from office.

But before the picketing, the Ghana Police Service led by Deputy Commissioner of Police Emmanuel Sakyi filed a support of motion Ex-parte for an application to restrain the group from the intended picketing.

An Accra High Court (Criminal Division) subsequently granted the motion, prohibiting the group from picketing.

However, expressing his disappointment on Morning Update on TV XYZ, Kotoko alleged the police was was being controlled by the government for it’s selfish gains.

“we have a police service that is now so compromised and has decided to only function for the purpose of the regime,” he told co-host Nana Abena Serwaa.

He wonndered why the court gave a ruling at his blind side when he was a party to the case and could have been reached to mount a defense for whichever reason for the police permit.

“My greatest disappointment, however is the Judiciary that ought to hold that sanctity is also condoning this legal waywardness,” he added “the Court should have invited me to file a defense.”


Elikem Kotoko petitioned President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on January 21, 2021, to remove the EC chair from office but he did not react to it hence his reason to picket.

According to him, the petition was grounded on “stated misbehaviour of the Electoral Commission Chairperson.”

He said: “The current leadership under the Chairmanship of Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensa, knowingly created Constitutional crises by their actions and inactions in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential elections, as they ignored caution and advice from various stakeholders of the adverse outcomes and implications of their actions and acts of omission.”

“By this instant Petition and in accordance with Article 146, the President is obligated to forward for the immediate attention of the Chief Justice for the sole purpose of setting up the appropriate Committee thoroughly investigate allegations made in the Petition by named persons and organisations, to establish a case against the Electoral Commission Chairperson ultimately leading to the removal of Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensa from office as per the Petition.”

The private citizen noted: “The petition is grounded on stated misbehaviour of the Electoral Commission Chairperson not limited to gross incompetence, bias, procurement breaches and poor corporate governance practices.”

The petition also listed some instances resulting from the incompetence of the Mensa-led EC, bias and poor corporate governance posture such as “adversarial posture and bias alleged.”

It emphasised that there “has been a breakdown of consensus building with stakeholders by the Jean Mensa-led EC and the consequent marginalisation of the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC).”


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It further continued that the Mensa-led EC “created a parallel advisory body, the Eminent Advisory Committee which is largely defunct and has proven irrelevant to the challenges that arose in the course of the work of the Commission leading up to the crises.”

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