Ghanaian artistes should support each other – Luigi Maclean

Ghanaian gospel musician Luigi Maclean has advised Ghanaian musicians to support each other.

According to Maclean, the only way Ghanaian artistes can go far is to support one another.

“For me inside the soup, I feel like what is really necessary is the support.The support of everyone can help push us further”, he said

In an interview on XZone show hosted by Jay Kojo Daasebre (JKD) the sensational singer revealed that people making it globally are making it due to support.


“Because, when we look at all the people around who are like making it top the, like globally is the support”


He further advised that since they are all pushing the same agenda there’s a need to support one another.

“We are together and and we are pushing the agenda and I feel like that, support is what we really need”

“We are getting it but I feel like we can do better with the support.
So when we get the support, we can reach out more.”



By Afia Owusu/|Ghana


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