Ghanaian filmmakers lack creativity – KSM

Ghanaian satirist, Kwaku Sintim Misa, has bemoaned the lack of creativity in the current film industry.

According to him, this is the reason the Ghanaian movie industry is struggling to survive.

Speaking in an interview on Starr FM, KSM said, a lot of the movies produced in Ghana are too similar.

“The film industry is gaining low patronage because most filmmakers are not as creative as they should be. You can’t keep telling the same old stories every day. It becomes boring, and the people get tired. The industry has all the necessary ingredients to make a good industry, but how to creatively work with these ingredients is what some practitioners lack,” he said.

He added that Ghanaian filmmakers get comfortable easily. They clear a few steps and think they have arrived.  Yet, they have a long way to go.

KSM further stated that there is too much to study and learn in the film industry, so Ghanaian filmmakers should take their time to do things right.

He finally admonished policymakers to get involved.



source: Ghanaweekend

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