Ghanaians won’t forgive you if you don’t lead NDC in 2024 – Ako Gunn to Mahama

Deputy national communication officer for the opposition National Democratic Congress, Godwin Ako Gunn has disclosed that Ghanaians are not fed up with former president  Mr. John Mahama leading the NDC again.

He believes the 2020 flagbearer of the party has marketed himself very well and looks good in the eyes of Ghanaians who want to experience good governance again in the country.

Speaking to Kwame Minkah on Tontonsansan on TV XYZ, Gunn, who followed Mr. Mahama to tour parts of the country in the north and the middle belt recently, stated that Ghanaians were expecting the former president to lead the NDC into election 2024.

“People will be very disappointed if H.E John Dramani Mahama decides not to contest again in the NDC flagbearership race,” Gunn said while making a strong case for the NDC to retain their 2020 presidential candidate.

“If he does not contest, I believe people won’t forgive him,” he added while explaining the turn of events when they visited the Bono East, Bono, Ahafo, Western North, and Ashanti regions last week.

“Where ever we went, we had some NPP members running to Mr. Mahama telling him they are disappointed in the Akufo-Addo government…Even in the Ashanti Region which is a stronghold of our opponents, the NPP, people encouraged us that 2024 is for the NDC,” he noted.

Ako Gunn also added that NDC members some few years ago could not wear NDC-branded T-shirts in public spaces without provoking people and admitted that the Ashantis are gradually swinging towards the NDC.

He cited the 2020 election results as evidence that the Ashantis were beginning to vote based on the results they get from governments.

Gunn also observed that in the Ashanti, the former president was welcomed well as the people urged him to lead the party to recapture power for the NDC in the next general elections.

“The membership cards we distributed to our members four years ago and nearing expiration, and so we would be distributing again very soon before our elections. Even before we begin the process to register members again, the calls from the people of Ashanti for the cards is amazing,” he revealed with a renewed hope that the NDC will perform better than the 26% of valid votes they secured in the region last year.

Thank You Tour

Mahama lost the 2020 elections to President Akufo-Addo, having lost the 2016 polls to the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Beginning his ‘thank you tour’, Mahama said he was to show appreciation to Ghanaians for their support before, during 2020 polls, and during the post-elections litigation at the Supreme Court.

He has so far visited the Upper East and West regions as well as the Savanna, North East, and the Northern regions.

Mahama will soon visit the Western, Central, Eastern, Volta, and Greater Accra Regions.

Do or die

The former president has been encouraging party members to be vigilant and protect the democracy of the country by policing ballot boxes to ensure that there is no election fraud during the 2024 elections.

In Techiman, he described the 2024 polls as a “do or die” affair as he urged party members to do whatever they can to prevent rigging and a subvention of the people’s will.

“We were clearly robbed [in 2020] but we accepted the verdict for the sake of peace,” he noted and stated the NDC is not ready to go back to the Supreme Court with any election-related issues.

His comment has attracted a backlash from some Ghanaians, particularly the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) that believe the comment was unfortunate and threatens the peace and security of the country.

Mr. Mahama has also hit back at critics, insisting his ‘do or die’ comment is not intended to incite the public as they want the public to believe.

The former President who said his comment is borne out of lessons learnt from the 2020 elections and how the dispute was handled says he will not retract the ‘do or die’ comment.

Speaking on Sunyani-based Moonlite FM, the former President said that: “’Do or die’ is an English idiom; those who left school early don’t understand what an idiomatic expression is.

‘Do or die’ means a critical assignment that you have and you must do the needful or perish…And so, you must do the needful. So, what I mean is that NDC will not wait to go to the Supreme Court again, so, we have to do what is required of us at the polling station…And, so, I don’t retract”.

He stressed that party executives will be well conditioned and in the next election, adding “all must do the right thing at the polling stations”.

He continued: “And, so I’m telling all our party executives that you must be at that polling station and make sure the right thing is done. So, I haven’t retracted my words. Don’t abdicate your responsibility at that level and expect that after somebody has stolen the election, you go to the Supreme Court to see if they will turn the election for you; they won’t do it”.


By Henryson Okrah||Ghana


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