GPL: We chose Tempo since there’s pressure on Macron – Procal Links CEO

Alhaji Montala Haruna, the CEO of Procal Links Limited has stated his outfit had to choose the Tempo brand instead of procuring footballs from Macron for the 2021/2022 Ghana Premier League.

His decision, he noted , was borne out if the fact that there was so much pressure on Macron to deliver balls on time for the country’s premier league.

Ghana Football Association signed a deal with Macron Ghana as the Official Match ball sponsor valued at one million six hundred thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢1.6m) for the next three seasons in 2020 ahead of the league season this year.

At the launch of the 2021/22 GPL season, Ghanaians saw a new brand of football introduced to be used in the ongoing season.

Explaining why the change from Macron to Tempo, Alhaji Alhassan Montala Haruna  explained to XYZ  Sports that,”Along the line, there was more pressure on the Macron balls so the management of Procal Links Ltd. sat to think about another brand to support Macron, and so we had to go for Tempo”.

“We went into contract with Tempo, we ordered it immediately after we saw Macron will delay us, we had already arranged for Tempo. Macron would’ve disappointed us,” he added.

“We ordered them to brand the ball with the logo of GFA for it to look special for the Ghana Premier League season”.

Talking about whether there could be a possible contract change, he said, “There is no change, Division One will use the Macron balls, there can be a change from Tempo to Macron at anytime”.

Tempo is the official match ball for some football associationas and some top tier clubs around the World such as in Egypt, Austria, Spain, Libya, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc.
Tempo was used in last Asian Championship and endorsed by FIFA.

All teams playing in the Ghana Premier League will receive a total of 30balls, 20 for training and 10 for matches.



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