‘GRA is chasing me for tax like I’m a thief’ – Shatta Wale

Dancehall musician Shatta Wale has bemoaned the Ghana Revenue Authority is chasing him like a thief to pay his tax.

According to Shatta, the music industry is not lucrative like many assume especially the GRA who claims he earns a lot and therefore must pay tax.

“ the GRA has been chasing him “like a thief” despite the small amounts musician make from their craft. He noted that a recent revelation by Rex Omar, chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) who has called on him to redeem GH¢30,000 royalties due him is a piece of evidence that not much is made from music.

Shatta wrote: “I will use it to pay my TAX cuz the way GRA is on my neck like a thief I haven’t seen some before !!!.”

The leader of the Shatta Movement again thanked GHAMRO for the ‘transparency’ adding that he will just use his royalties to settle his tax.

He said: “I am using all this money to file my tax cuz I can’t bare the pressure anymore from them. Show them this and let them know, this what my music has brought me for the past years so they willl stop pressuring my life. There is no money in our industry and the little we make too the system takes it. Thank you GHAMRO for this transparency!!”

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