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GRAMMYs interviews KiDi

Reigning Artiste of the Year, Dennis Nana Dwamena, popularly known as KiDi, has on ‘It Goes To Eleven’ aired on various GRAMMYs Award platforms disclosed what instrument makes good music.

On the official handle for Grammys Award on Twitter, KiDi gushes over his first keyboard and why it is crucial to every song he makes.

“The keyboard has always been the beginning of my creative process. Any song I ever make, no matter the tempo, no matter the rhythm or what it sounds like. It all always begins with the keyboard.

“It gives you the chance to make every song into a soul song before I put it on the beat. So, the first keyboard I ever got I think was in high school. I remember getting the keyboard given to me as a present,” KiDisaid.

According to the ‘Touch It’ crooner, the second-hand keyboard didn’t come with a power cable which gave him a really hard time trying to locate its real cord to get it to work.

“It was a second-hand keyboard and for the longest time, I didn’t have a power cable for it. I went into the house and every single thing that had a power cable, I tried it on the keyboard and it never worked.

“Finally, I got a power cable which had to use a different voltage. I had to go get a step-down. Listen, I suffered to get that keyboard to finally come on,” he said.

KiDi also added that making music sometimes sends him into a trance where he imagines images of the people in his music in front of him.

“When I got to know the keyboard, I said ‘Hi Keyboard, Nice to meet you. I may name you Chloe, so Chloe is your name. So, we had a little date, me and the keyboard’ all night long. When I’m creating I am always in a trance.

“Like I am talking about a woman. I just like to imagine that the woman is rather infront of me and I’m speaking to her. If I am talking about love, it’s like imagining myself in love. So, I am always like lost in the music. I and the music become one. I let my emotions speak to the music and that’s how I feel,” he added.

Source: Ghanaweb

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