Gym instructor shot dead at Tantra Hills

A gym instructor, whose name has been given as Little, has been shot dead at  Golden Door at Tratra Hills in Accra.

The incident happened on Thursday, July 22, 2021, around 2:00 am when two motorbike riders stormed his room to shoot him.

According to the reports, Little was in the room with a woman who is yet-to-be-identified.

Some of the residents in the area say the unknown assailants didn’t take any valuable item from Little’s room.

Some of his gym partners and neighbours, who arrived at the scene, alleged Little has been in a relationship with the woman for some time.

Interestingly, the said woman had her car parked outside Little’s house before his untimely death at dawn as reported.

The Mile 7 Police arrived at the scene to convey the body to the mortuary as investigation commences.

Meanwhile, the woman, who was with Little, has also been taken to the Mile 7 Police Station to give her statement.


Source: Vision1 FM|Ghana

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