Help people around you first if you want to blow up as a sound engineer – Possigee

Ghanaian award-winning producer, sound engineer, and philanthropist Awal Alhassan also professionally known as Possigee has stated that a sound engineer needs to satisfy his surroundings first to be successful in the showbiz industry.

The renowned producer disclosed this on  X Zone  on TV XYZ Monday when asked how they blow up. He said
as a sound engineer one needs to work very hard and enjoy what they do.

However, the first step to take is to start working with people in their own community, adding that if one is not recognized by people closer to the others will not know them too.

“As a sound engineer you need to work hard .. you have to put the enjoyment in the work… The beatz you produce sometimes it will suit a particular artist but if you start with your own crew…working with artistes in your community.. the cup has to be full first before it overflows,” he noted.

“If you are not able to satisfy your community and your surroundings no one would hear of you,” he told host JKD.

According to the producer, a lot of people focus on others than their own community. Citing an example to support his claim he said fetching water in a cup needs to be full before it overflows.

“You understand.. you blow up.. anywhere you go before your name can travel far…but a lot of people focus on others before their own surroundings…”

Possigee’s first-ever professional production was for a group known as Alo Klan which included Nautyca. He produced singles including Yawa O, Alo and a few others.

In 2006, Sarkodie came along and has ever since recorded over 200 mixtapes and several commercial songs with him.


By Afia Owusu|

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