Ho: Body of boy killed by lightning abandoned over fear of the ‘gods’

It has been several hours already since the lightning incident that occurred in Ho.

The incident which occurred late Monday afternoon has left a 17-year old student presumably dead while two others sustained injuries and were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The deceased, identified as Emmanuel Torli, sold coconut just opposite the office of the Electricity Company of Ghana in the regional capital.

Sadly, the body of the deceased is still laying at the scene untouched – owing to a traditional belief that such happenings could be occasioned by a thunder god known as Xebieso in the local parlance.

The belief is that the victim might have been killed by the thunder god, ultimately for a crime committed by the victim or any relative.

In any of such cases, the body is only touched after a rite is performed and at best, the body taken away by a priest/priestess and men from the cult.

In our attempt to get answers for the abandonment, Mr. Nicolas Nfodjo, grandfather of the victim, told news men at the scene that, a delegation has been sent to Nogokpo shrine in the Ketu South Municipality for a consultation from the gods to ascertain the cause of death.

He noted that the family could only take necessary actions after the delegation returns.



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