I am no longer interested in dating musicians – Stefflon Don

British-Jamaican rapper Stephanie Victoria Allen, popularly known as Stefflon Don, has stated she is no longer interested in dating musicians.

While on an interview on New York-based Hot 97, she reacted to host TT Torrez‘s question which sought to know whether she “would want to date an industry guy again or someone different?”

“Not in music. I’m okay with that,” Stefflon Don said.

She gestured shoving something aside with her left hand and added, “Anything else [but] not music, yeah.”

Earlier, the British-Jamaican had agreed when the New York-based Hot 97 host said that she gets numerous suitors in her direct mail (DM) on social media.

“I mean, DMs, yeah,” she rolled her eyes.

TT Torez cited “athletes, basketball players, anybody.”

Replying, the ’16 Shots’ hitmaker gave the impression she is not into dating just anyone.

Apparently, for her, in contrast to her friends, dating usually is purposeful and she has “to be seeing a future with you.”

“Do you know what it is? I have a problem. I’m just a lover and I just love love and it’s like, I don’t know how to go out with a guy without thinking, oh, I’m going to marry you,” she divulged.

The last relationship Stefflon Don was in was with Nigerian Burna Boy during which they both famously referred to each other as though they were married.

According to the rapper, they were an item for two and a half years and have been apart for a year now.

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