I became the odd one in the group — Coded explains 4×4 collapse

Coded, a member of the defunct hiplife trio 4×4, has disclosed the events that led to the group’s members opting for individual careers.

The award-winning group, which included Captain Planet and Fresh Prince, was disbanded after they decided to pursue their solo projects.

Coded, in a recent interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, said that despite his efforts to convince his colleagues to stay together, they had already decided to go independent, leaving him with no choice but to let them go.

He said all efforts to persuade his colleagues to keep together as a group did not yield results because Captain Planet and Fresh Prince had already made up their minds.

“We had a meeting as 4×4 that we were going to do our solo projects. At the meeting, I was the odd one who wasn’t for the motion. I told them I think the group wasn’t doing too well so going solo won’t help the brand 4×4.

“I told them that we had to push the brand to the top so when they put up their singles it will fly. But the two of them were okay with the solo projects, so around the same time I also didn’t release a project till I made a decision that I will come out with my ‘E Dey Pain Them song,” he told host Andy Dosty.

According to Coded, it was difficult for him to come to terms with the split, since they were doing better as a group,

“I didn’t second it because I think we had to put our acts together. There was no argument… I really tried to talk it out with them but they were good for the solo projects. We were all writing the songs. If anyone got a chorus, we put it together. That’s how it was,” he said.

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