I chased Diana Hamilton for 2 years before the feature – Daakyehene

Gospel Musician and Broadcast Journalist, Daakyehene Ofosu Agyeman says it took him two years before he got Diana Hamilton to feature on his song.

“Diana is not easy to get, as I had to chase her for two solid years before getting her to sing at the studio and shoot the video as well” Daakyehene has revealed.

“One other post was that I had to wait finally for the release of her song ‘Awurade ye’ before I had the red light to come out with our song” he added.

Daakyehene revealed this during an interview on Power Entertainment program with host Agyeman Nie Prempeh.

The host asked Daakyehene whether it was difficult to get Diana Hamilton considering her busy schedule.

“Do you know that even on the day of recording she and the manager made me to wait for hours and I even left for office since I had to read news but she came as promised and sang beautifully” he explained.

Daakyehene has released a single gospel song featuring Multiple Award Winning Gospel Minstrel, Diana Hamilton.

The Contemporary Gospel tune is titled ‘Can’t Forget’ and was produced by Disaab Groove and mastered by Shah to give it an A list song boost.
The song is already receiving massive airplay on both local radio stations and Television stations across the country.

According to Daakyehene, the mid-tempo heart soothing song is an appreciation song for everyone who believes God has done something good for that person.

The song recounts and details what God has done in the life of the broadcast journalist who doubles as Gospel Musician.

The Song reiterates Daakyehene’s resolve that he can never forget the providential blessings and grace bestowed upon him throughout his life.
God’s protection, God’s provision,grace, good health among others and so he should be grateful to the Almighty for how far He has brought him into the light of the world.

He believes everyone also has some life changing memorable positive things in life that one cannot forget and that’s the reason you need that song.

“The song is just for every reasonable person to remember from whence God picked you from and how far He has changed your status”Daakyehene explains.

The can’t forget song is currently on all online streaming platforms and you will never regret for adding the track to your playlist.


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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