I don’t believe my stroke was spiritual – Kunta Kinte

Ghanaian rapper Kunta Kinte is steadily recovering from his long battle with a stroke which witnessed him taking a long break from music.

The rapper has disclosed that he will not give credit to the devil or blame any man for causing his downfall but instead, the negligence of the medical doctor who injected him with the wrong medication.

“I won’t blame anyone because that blame game is one of our biggest problems. Now, people are going after these pastors because they are now enlightened. I will just blame the doctor; he was the one who made me so. He gave me the wrong injection, that is all.

“I won’t blame anyone; it is not the doing of a woman or anybody…I don’t believe in all those kinds of things. I believe in me, and I believe in God; that is it,” the rapper disclosed in an interview on Wontumi TV.

Kunta, a member of the music group, Bradez, is famed for their 2009 hit single titled ‘Simple’. They dominated the airwaves with the song that became a street anthem back in the day.

Narrating the unfortunate circumstances that landed him in a wheelchair, Kunta Kinte stated that a medical doctor just looked him in the eye, concluded he had malaria and injected him with a drug that rendered him paralyzed.

“I am tired of talking about my sickness…it happened when I was in school at Legon, that was the time we had released our hit song ‘Simple’. I had finished performing it, and so when I got to Legon Hall, I witnessed some of my friends jamming to it. All of a sudden, I wasn’t feeling like I used to, so Hagan Brown put me in her car and drove me to the Evandy Hostel. After a nap, I was sent to CC, Legon Hospital…there was a long queue and so when it finally got to my turn, the doctor asked my name and said I wasn’t sick.

“He said I was suffering from simple malaria, and so he injected me, and that was what caused it (stroke). Honestly, had I known, I would have taken some medication, so in case it was even a stroke, I would have solved it,” said the rapper in the interview

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