‘I got my radical thinking from former President Rawlings’ – Akorfa Edjeani

Miss Akorfa Edjeani, a veteran actress and film director, has shown how the philosophies of Rawlings have affected her way of thought.

She followed the late president’s way of reasoning when she was as young as 10 years old, according to Miss Edjeani.

“When I was as young as 10 years old, I got my radical thinking from him. If you see what kind of movies I’m doing and what I’m saying, you’ll see where my school of thinking comes from,’ she said.

The actress said she joined the ‘Democratic Youth League of Ghana’ movement right from childhood at the launch of the 2020 Golden Movie Awards in Accra, a decision that according to her, has helped shape her sense of patriotism.

“Before the word became famous, we began ‘Ghana First.’ I joined the Democratic Youth League of Ghana when I was young. We knew what the term really meant by ‘Ghana First.’ It taught us how patriotic and nationalistic we should be,’ she said.

Miss Edjeani, who is a true believer in women’s advancement, also believes that only those who are qualified should be named to high positions.

“I appreciate affirmative action. If you see that a woman is capable of doing so, you give her the opportunity. It doesn’t mean that when you just want to put women in there you just put someone in there. She has to be professional, able, able to deliver,’ she added.

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