I introduced amapiano – Appietus

Ace producer Appiah Dankwah, popularly known as Appietus has revealed that he introduced Amapiano.

According to Appietus, his popular song mujey baya is amapiano but he refixed it to suit the Ghanaian vibe.

“I introduced their  so called amapiano mujey baya is amapiano but I re-fixed it to a Ghanaian vibe. So whoever listens to mujey baya will feel the South African vibe but in a different way… you need to bring it down. Cos if you hear reggae songs you will automatically know where it’s coming from, you can’t take genres from its owners”, he said.


In an interview on Legends show hosted by Agyemang Prempeh on Tv XYZ , Appietus advised Ghanaian artistes  to own any genre they hop on. “if you introduce drill, hip hop to Ghana and you fuse it with Ghanaian vibes you can own it… constantly Ghanaians keep changing genres but Nigerians have been able to maintain Afropop… Nigeria is just 45mins away so you can find out .. we (Ghanaians) started Afrobeats and Nigerians learnt from us and fuse it with their vibes”, he stressed.

The producer bemoaned how Ghanaian artistes can’t keep one genre. Since he joined the creative arts industry artistes keep hoping from one genre to another.

“Since I started working Ghanaians keep changing their genres from highlife to hiplife to crank to azonto to alkayeda”, he added

Watch the video below;

Amapiano is a style of house music that emerged in South Africa in 2012. Amapiano is a hybrid of deep house, jazz and lounge music characterized by synths, airy pads and wide percussive basslines.


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana




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