I started smoking when I shot to fame – Irene Logan

Ghanaian singer and songwriter Irene Logan has opened up on how she started smoking and consequently became an addict smoker.

In an interview the singer revealed tha she started smoking cigarettes just about one year after she became famous in her early twenties.

The singer stated that she was from a very protected family. Despite that, having her freedom to make music, entering places where people were openly smoking, she also tried and started smoking.

Irene said she was laughed at the first time she tried smoking and was coughing.

She started practising and gradually became a chain smoker as a result of depression.

She stated, specifically, that she could smoke 10 pieces of cigarettes a day. That graduated to a full pack and even 2 at times.

Irene broke out onto the music scene in 2006 where she won the maiden edition of “Stars of the Future”


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