I took a break from acting due to spiritual attacks from a colleague actor – Frank Nero

Kumawood actor cum highlife musician Frank Nero, has finally revealed why he took a break from acting to embark on his musical career.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Xzone show on TVXYZ, Nero made it known that he had to take a break due to spiritual attacks from a  colleague actor.

According to him, although he started acting at an early stage, it has always been his dream to do music alongside acting.

“I’ve been on a break from acting for one and half year due to personal reasons… spiritual attacks in the industry …”

Speaking on who’s behind the attacks the Abena hit maker said,

”I don’t compete in any role with an actress definitely it’s like football if you a goalkeeper and someone plays number 9 you don’t have anything in common so is a man… we are humans … it’s the nature of the work .. in the beginning when we go to radio and tv stations we defend such acts because it has never happened to us before when they ask us . But when it happened to me I learnt from it because,  we were working at Dodowa and it happened .. it wasn’t easy,  I stayed home for 2 and half months and the doctor said my leg should amputated.. you know one funny thing, it happened to Wayosi … Wayosi is a senior where ever he is I send my greetings… like it happened to him but we didn’t take it serious so when it happened to me then I became cautious. So is by the Grace of God and the prayers of my loved ones that saved me.”

“I was on set working after we went on a break and I went to my hotel room then I realized my leg was itching nothing has happened to my leg too, there’s no scratch or anything of that sort but all of a sudden it’s itching so I didn’t really take it that serious. The following day I couldn’t wake up my leg was swollen, so quickly … the shoot was been done in Accra so they booked a flight for me to Kumasi when we got to the hospital the doctor revealed there’s a hole, I was quite shocked because how can there be a hole in my leg so he asked that my leg should be amputated. God being so good if we had agreed to that , that would have been the end you know! You know these things if you trust in God.. so my is also a Queen mother, Yaa Asantewaa, Queen mother of Ejisu she didn’t take it lightly because I’m his only son so she had to fight.”


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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