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If this woman speaks today, we will know the winner for Elections 2020 – Captain Smart reveals

Blessed Gods Brain Smart, also known as Captain Smart, host of Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo morning show, has revealed that there is a woman living in Ghana that seems very powerful.

According to him, one of the country’s leading political parties would miserably lose the election if that woman were to talk today.

Captain Smart said on his own show on Tuesday morning, November 24, 2020, that there are other influential spirits in the universe that decide who is victorious in every election.

According to him in Ghana, those strong forces still exist. Captain Smart adds that a seventy-year-old woman, who is very spiritually strong, lives in Fadama, Accra.

He adds that it would be hard to be defeated every time a woman releases her sword to a political group. He states that since the election began in Ghana, the magic of that woman has never failed.

In Fadama, there’s a 70-year-old woman, and if she decides who’s going to win the election, nothing will affect the outcome. Nothing will save you if she thinks you’re going to lose. She’s got a magic sword.

They will win until she takes her sword and drops it on a political party, no matter what happens. The unfortunate one is going to lose. Yeah, there’s that woman in Ghana. Today, she’s in Fadama as I write.

Choices are not as physical as we assume they are. There’s a lot of stuff that goes into it. In this planet, there are strong spirits.’ Noted Captain Wise.

Captain Smart adds that he was once given a prophecy in 2017 by another influential individual in Ghana that he was going to leave Adom FM and that eventually happened. That explains, according to him the reasons why he believes in certain things.

He told me to write it down because I’m not going to be at Adom for more than eight years. In August 2017, he told me something was going to happen. If that happens, another one will happen in 2018 and 2019 and I won’t be at Adom FM if that happens. Amoako Atta is his name. Revealed Captain Smart.

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