Ignore ‘rented’ anti Mahama protesters; NDC united than ever – Sukparu

The Member of Parliament for Sissala West has discounted claim that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is facing serious challenges after the 2020 election defeat.

Mr Mohammed Adams Sukparu told Morning Update host Eric Ahianyo that there may be concerns from certain persons within the party as to how the leadership of the party should look, the grievances of such party members do not qualify to be called cracks in the party.

His comments come after some group of persons protested against picking former President John Dramani Mahama to lead the party for the 2024 elections.

A handful of persons suspected to be hired converged at the Accra International Press Centre, clad in red, carrying placards reflecting their demand.

Some of their placcards read, “We want Accountability now”, Where is our Collation Sheets?, Mahama is destroying the NDC.”

Suspicions are rife the architects are some suspended members of the party and yet to be publicly exposed officers of the AGENDA 2024 group who reportedly undermined John Mahama’s 2020 campaign.

The Sissala West legislator holds similar view and asked that Ghanaians ignore the protestors who are believed to have been hired for that job.

“Those people [protestors] are just noise makers; people who probably have been hired by some individuals to cause distraction in the party. I do not see them to be people coming from our great party. In every house we have people like that,” Sukparu said.

Certain individuals should have been sacked from the party [long ago],”  he said and attributed the failure to crack the whip is the results of the demonstrations that seek to portray that NDC is in crisis.

“If somebody sits somewhere and say the NDC is really facing challenges, that person may be deceiving himself…this is the best party we have had right from the year 2000…Losing elections and we are still more united,” he added.

Asked whether the NDC wanted to hide their issues from the public, the MP denied the party had issues to hide and explained “we have 137 Members of Parliament representing the party and somebody will sit somewhere and think that the party is facing challenges, that person should be deceiving himself.”

Sukparu also noted after the party lost the 2000 elections, most party members were not happy to associate themselves with the party and hastened that although the NDC was defeated in the 2020 polls they are doing well and poised for the next task.

“The party is united than ever,” he assured and urged Ghanaians to ignore persons who will stop at nothing to run the party down in a bid to cause disaffection for the national executives.


Source: Ghana|

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