I’m The Most Insulted Artiste in Ghana – Sarkodie

Africa’s decorated rapper Sarkodie feels he is the most insulted and denigrated artiste in Ghana.

According to him in an interview on One Play Africa, the hate and animosity some Ghanaians have towards him and his music career is very strong.
The “happy day” hitmaker said his rise as a musician or rapper has been propelled by hate which is the motivation behind his new album “No Pressure” album.

Sarkodie maintained that the insults he receives on the regular from people are more than what Shatta Wale endures.

I’m the most insulted artiste in Ghana, you can even take Shatta Wale out. My album”No Pressure” is success propelled by hate,” he added.


Meanwhile, Sarkodie has said his rise to the top as a rapper would still have happed if Ghanaians had decided not to support him.

According to the rapper, he will not rule out the support he gets from Ghanaians but he believes he worked hard to earn it.


“When people say it is Ghanaians who made you who you are, I don’t deny it. Funnily enough, I wouldn’t have quit either.

I do this not because i get all the support. There are a lot of people who do not support me or like what I do. When Ghanaians say they have been supporting for 10 years, it is not. “

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