Implementation Of CTN Begins Today Amidst Protests And Legal Suit

The Ghana Revenue Authority is kick starting the implementation of the Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) policy this morning amidst protests by port business operators led by Freight Forwarders, the Importers and Exporters Association and he Ghana Union of Traders Association, GUTA.

GRA Commissioner General, Emmanuel Kofi Nti, says there has been enough sensitization and consultation, and the state can no longer delay implementation to generated badly needed revenue for development.

Last week, government made some compromised and by this new policy, any importer who imports less than 36 TEUs per year is exempt from CTN compliance. Businesses that import more than 36 TEUs per year but can demonstrate that the nature of their imports and their turnovers make them small importers will also be exempt.

But stakeholders are still habouring reservations.

A freight forwarder John Kwame Adu Jack has filed a case in court seeking an injunction on Ghana Revenue Authority from implementing the new CTN systems.  Its unclear if the GRA will again suspend implementation as a result of the suit.

In a related development a group calling itself, Good Governance Advocacy Group Ghana (GGAGG) has also petitioned the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to investigate the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) in connection with the implementation of Cargo Tracking Note (CTN).

The Research Department of Good Governance Advocacy Group Ghana (GGAGG) what the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to ascertain “Whether Ghana revenue authority (GRA) has the mandate to give such a contract and whether there have not been some administrative breaches again whether the rights of Ghanaians are not being abused, What could cause Ghana Revenue Authority to solely source the contract? If the laws have been flouted by Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) also whether there is a syndicate formed with the main interest to create loot and share state money and that What could account for this government to blatantly ignore the previous contract signed by the Ghana Shippers’ Authority and if the action of the government of Ghana cannot lead to a huge judgement debt and many more”

According to the group, GRA does not have the mandate to carry out the function or service of the Advanced Shipment Information (ASHI) to Cargo Tracking Notes (CTN) and for that reason cannot sublet or give a contract in that regard.

Good Governance Advocacy Group Ghana (GGAGG) also believes that the process with which the sole sourcing of CTN Ghana Limited by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) was done constitutes an illegality since the process did not follow the public procurement act 2003 (ACT 663).

GGAGG in their petition described the move by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) as an organized fraud against the state hence CHRAJ should probe the process leading to the implementation of the CTN.