Increasing robbery: We can’t give all police officers bullet proof jackets – Abeyie-Buckman

The Ghana Police Service have taken notice of the heightening criminal activities in the country, but have indicated that they cannot provide protection for all cops in Ghana.

The Public Affairs Director of the Ghana Police Service, Sheila Kesse Abeyie-Buckman, who disclosed this explained that there may be relatively high criminal activities in some parts of the country, especially in the Greater Accra region but discounted claims the country was not secured.

Her comments come on the back of an attack on a pick-up truck that was transiting cash last Monday, leading to the death of a police constable, Emmanuel Osei, at Adedenkpo, Accra.

The police since have come under a barrage of criticism after the unfortunate incident that led to the shooting of a trader who witnessed the crime.

The deceased cop was not wearing a bullet proof jacket or a protective helmet as required of a police officer escorting cash.

The police say they will investigate why Osei was not in a protective gear, but a section of Ghanaians have started blaming the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), James Oppong Boanuh and the Commander-in-Chief of the Police Service, Vice President Dr Mahamadu Bawumia.

Bawumia had promised in 2019 that the  police will be retooled with bullet proof jackets so the state does not lose them to criminal attacks.

Speaking on News File on Joy News Saturday, Superintendent Abeyie-Buckman denied rumours that the police do not have the requisite resources to combat crime.ft

“We have some resources…
There are no bullet proof jackets for all the over 40,000 police officers,” Abeyie-Buckman told host Samson Ayenini.

To her, not police officer  can wear a bullet proof and helmet, and be walking on the street to protect lives and properties because

This, she noted , was because they may scare the citizens.

“But for the resources that we have we are using it,” she added while denying that the police don’t have the necessary resources.

She also revealed that the police were doing their best to reduce crime rate in the country despite frequent robbery cases that have been reported in the last few weeks.

“All the work that needs to be done to fish out criminals is being done, ” she assured.



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